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>Two days after Railway Minister,Mamta Banerjee released her “Railway Budget” for the year 2010, Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee proposed his “Finance Budget “!!


finance budget

  1. Tarun Mitra says:

    >Second one could be real more punchy but the first one is good

  2. joreel says:

    >Nice work… there are just few site who offers this kind of infotaintment.. I love your work..

  3. >@Tarun,Thanks a lot dude :)Now check out the Second One again.. I have edited it.. :)@Joreel,Thanks buddy for stopping by and loving my work :)@Aparna,Thanks 🙂

  4. uma says:

    >Mamta express is too good Swathi..

  5. Parth J Dave says:

    >Wow, this one's cool!I especially liked the first comic.. very relevant and sarcastic! Haha.. Good job, Swathi!

  6. >Uma,Thanks a lot dear :)@Parth,Thanks a lot for liking my comics :)Pls visit my blog daily for New Comic Strips and pls inform your friends too :)Thanks a ton again 🙂

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