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>Subjected to annoying “Credit Card” calls periodically even when you are not interested in it?
Well,no offense to anyone,they are just doing their jobs..!!

My comics on “How to TACKLE Credit Card Calls”!!


the call-1

  1. ashinvi says:

    >lol ….. nice one 😛

  2. vEnKy says:

    >very good! like it very much. Looks like you are back to form 🙂

  3. et says:

    >Hey! Good to find a comics blog around 🙂

  4. talkreviews says:

    >I like the first one excellent.. and what's more it will work on either sex! haha

  5. >@Ashinvi,Thanks a ton! :)@Venky,Lol.. thanks :)@Et,Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Pls visit daily for regular updates!@Talkreviews,Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  6. Tarun Mitra says:

    >represented position of both parties in a good manner

  7. radha says:

    >Credit card calls are the most annoying! If all of us could respond like this, would it be the end of such calls?

  8. >@Radha,yeah! I know…y dont u try these tricks? 😛

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