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>Shashi Tharoor Vs IPL3 Controversy came to an end with Shashi Tharoor submitting his Resignation!
Well,this gives birth to a New Religion in India viz “CRICKET”!
And also proves the fact that “Politics and Cricket” in India are “Inter Linked”!!

My comics on the same!!




  1. vEnKy says:

    >So finally no more contorversy shabba!!!

  2. >Tharoor has quit. Modi is still in neck-deep troubles.

  3. Prayukth.j says:

    >Too good simple and precise 🙂 loved the aap ka tharoor part and the i came i saw…one also…great stuff… 🙂

  4. Tarun Mitra says:

    >yaar tum toh us gadhe ke peeche hi par gaye

  5. >@Venky,Controversies starts now with intervention of IT Dept!@Krishna,You BET! :)@Prayukth,Thanks for dropping by and loving my work :)Do visit daily for regular updates!@Tarun,hehhehehe

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