Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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>Well,I was elated to hear about the “Capital Punishment” bestowed upon Kasab! But the concept of opposition by Human Rights Activists as well as delayed execution of “Capital Punishment” irates me!

Check out the comics on the same!


  1. Readers Dais says:

    >Hi! Swathi,The topic was already burning within, reading ur cartoon, one feels like taking the rope and go and hang him right away….alas our democracy!

  2. Tarun Mitra says:

    >I wont kill that man..I would never arrested him

  3. >@Readers Dais,hahahha..@Tarun,I did not understand

  4. Tarun Mitra says:

    >@ Swati I know you won't

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