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>Well,Former IPL Chairman,Lalit Modi gave a befitting reply to present IPL Chairman Shashank Manohar by sending BCCI 12,000 documents in reply to 22 charges slapped against him!

the repartee!!

  1. vEnKy says:

    >hahaha good one esp the 22×5 😀

  2. magiceye says:

    >lol! lovely takes!

  3. >Thanks People!!! 🙂

  4. Anirudh says:

    >I love the ideas..I wanted to use photoshop;now that you have shown me a way,I won't

  5. Journomuse says:

    >Hilarious…Cartoons must take quite a lot of thought and even more efforts to draw up…:)

  6. >The toon left a smile and made me laugh off a technical glitch that would have me blow a gasket otherwise. Very nice and thank you for stopping by and voting in IB's IVine..

  7. >@Anirudh,Journomuse,Thanks for dropping by and loving my work :)@Journamuse,Only the concept of cartoons are my ideas which need thinking..But,I dont draw these toons,I use cartoon creator website toondoo dot com [click on any of my cartoons above,it takes u to that website] 🙂

  8. >@Madhu,Thanks for dropping by,loving and appreciating my work :)I m glad that my toons made u smile and laugh :)Do Visit daily for daily comics 🙂

  9. Readers Dais says:

    >thanks 4 the 🙂

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