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>Inspired by Pakistan’s New “No Ball” Controversy!! 🙂

no ball??

  1. vEnKy says:

    >why are aliens playing cricket in no man's land :-)? Not just no ball there is no bat, not batsman, no stumps, no wicket keeper, no fielder, no eyes, no nose, no hair,no ears and no crowd uff!

  2. >Venky,Why are u so nit-picky???

  3. A. K. says:

    >Hilarious…P.s: I come here everyday… But I rarely comment because i don't know what to stay besides Hilarious.. But seriously, you posts are always hilarious.. Something that cheer me up every day right before my boss starts dumping shit on me. 🙂 Keep on Posting..

  4. hitesh rawat says:

    >now everyone is picking on Amir…..poor guy….. it's better that they expel him from the team ….no more insults…. 🙂

  5. Prayukth j says:

    >Good one Swathi 🙂

  6. >A.K,Thanks for dropping by daily and liking my posts 🙂 Readers and regular visitors keep my energy brewing.Hitesh,you bet!!Prakyukth,Thanks 🙂

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