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The Indian ministry of Information and Technology has proposed a new, “Blogger Control Act” to define new set of norms and guidelines for bloggers. Full details of this act, can be found here: http://bit.ly/fP3wNf

My FOUR comics on the same 🙂

10 commandments
By swathipradeep | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon

the solution?


  1. >Funny to the hilt! Great work.

  2. Nethra says:

    >It's funny. 😀 and I liked the last one the most..

  3. >what could I say? You are creative and the depiction of bloggers frightening the politicians ..well,right the blogs voices out what sometimes the newspaper are afraid to do …

  4. Shivam says:

    >nice! can i use one of these on kafila as a post? shall give credit and link

  5. >@Prashanthkpp,Thanks.. glad u liked them all :)@Nets,hahaha.. thnx babes@Uma,Thnx for your compliment.. you're right 🙂 yes,sometimes bloggers and tweeters say things which news channels chicken out to say or show. for eg: radia tapes :)@Prateek,aww thnx :)@Shivam,Thanks.. sure.. (until I get the due credit) 🙂

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