OSAMA’s Sea burial

Posted: May 12, 2011 in 2011, OBAMA, Osama Bin Laden, Terrorism, U.S.A

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  1. Nethra says:

    Hahaha! Good one, Swathi! 😀 Even I am wondering why did they throw him into the sea?

  2. Prashanth K.P. says:

    Simply brilliant! The world’s most ‘peaceful’ religion will need to answer this supremely important question…

    Keep it coming. Great work!

  3. AS Raghunath says:

    B R I L L I A N T, as always. Brainy substance. Why r you there in a firangi country wasting your precious time learning about business administration? Satire is fading away from media. I want you to come back and revive it by joining news organisations. You can be multi-lingual cartoonist.

    Aa jaao!

  4. @Nethra,
    I am wondering why they are demanding decent muslim burial when they say “Terrorism has no religion”?!
    @Prashanth sir,
    Thanks a lot for the appreciation sir. Yes, the world needs an answer 🙂 Thanks for being a my blog’s regular visitor 🙂
    @A.S Raghunath sir,
    Thanks a lot for loving my work sir. 🙂 hehehehe thanks for the lovely compliments too.. I will definitely return to INDIA one day! :))
    News org is currently a comedy circus, thanks to journos like Barkha,Vir,Sagarika,Sardesai and Vikramchandra 😛

  5. Bikram says:

    Hmmm good one but I like its sea burial else we would have had a shrine.

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