Posted: May 21, 2011 in 2011, Congress, corruption, ELECTIONS, NDTV, Politics, RAHUL GANDHI

Few comics on Rahul Gandhi’s ASH and BONES blooper in U.P! :))

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ashes trophy?
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temple ash!
By archerscomics | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon

  1. AS Raghunath says:

    Thanks for posting these. Brainy and brilliant as ever. Specially the Ashes trophy & Vibhuti ones.

    Coming as these do after a huge gap, our appetite has even grown more now, as much water has flown down river Yamuna after Bhatta Parsaul. More opportunities lie for sharp sarcasm from your different toon stroked. Everyday funnier events are unfolding. These therefore need your sharp toon commentary.

    One on ever growing Tihar toli. Then the sharp & focussed PC looks out of focus now. Further, UPA Minstries line up in row on every pages of newspapers in India everytime there’s a death anniversariy or birthday of dynastic clan club– past or present. Media that bag these windfall, get even more richer and sing even shriller praise of these clan members.

    Good attempt Swathi. With every cartoon your wit is becoming sharper. Keep it up.

    • Raghunath sir,
      Thanks a lot for your constant support. I had been busy with exams,mba and work lately.. sure will try covering all the current topics πŸ™‚ Keep visiting πŸ™‚

  2. Nethra says:

    Hilarious! πŸ˜€ Rahul Gandhi is moronic than this, ain’t he? He deserves something worse; you almost made him look smart.

  3. kpp1991 says:

    Yet another beauty of a piece Swathi. You have imbibed the meaning in its truthful sense and put forth in a comical format befitting the subject. It is not only great work, but also thoughtful work, considering that you needed to get the salutations and punctuations in its precise format. Great work is too little a word to say, nevertheless, it indeed it.

    Keep it up and of course looking forward to plenty more. Rest assured of our support and motivation. Here is a pat for this, the least that I can do.

  4. P.Mohan says:

    Carry on. Good humour. Will you accept ideas and convert them into cartoon?

    • Thanks a lot… I haven’t accepted ideas from people before.. I just do comics based on my ideas… But if you want, I can try taking your idea and giving you credit πŸ™‚

  5. K P Ganesh says:

    Clown Prince graduates with a C.hD -Doctorate in Clowning!!!

  6. Krishna says:

    Thanks for this one. as usual biting wit. You’re getting better and better Swathi. Keep it up! The one of astronuts (spelling mine) is hilarious. Like the other cartoons of Pappu, especially the bare flat feet and his usual ‘intelligent’ expression.

  7. lincoln says:

    The wit keeps on increasing , nice ones πŸ™‚

  8. vinutha kulkarni says:

    >> even if he is made to look like Einstein, his IQ is still -1 dear

    i totally agree archie! too good. idiots in wrong places, that’s all i can say.

  9. sandy says:

    Rahul .. who rahul ? you mean Raoul Vinci?

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