Kudos and more power to Dr Subramaniam Swamy!



  1. nationalizer says:

    LOL !! Which is that fly that hit the bat ? CHIDDU fly ?

  2. AS Raghunath says:

    Why MMS isn’t a machchar?

  3. gorakhpuriJi says:

    The Hip Swamy & CON-Flies. sssppaaattt splat !

  4. Surely the mosquitoes deserve more respect than the scum they are depicted as? Maybe he should be swatting shit instead?

  5. You could add some dead machhars like raja and kani…

  6. Hahah, at your best. Don’t forget Diggypiggy and ZeroSibal too…

  7. FCUK SINGH says:

    These flies were screwing each other in air will produce larva N increase their population and will spread virus so kill them by Insecticide.

  8. anand r says:

    Good one! On top of the page its written: “Stay updated via RSS”
    Now digvijay will say iske piche bhi RSS ka haath hain 😀

  9. You my buddy are a genius

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