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Mr N.Ram,the Editor of “Hindu” newspaper first said that Congress MP, Mr Manish Tiwari had called him nervously to enquire if he will be publishing the wikileaks details on his newspaper.

Later,Mr N.Ram retracted his statement saying: “Manish Tiwari had not called him, but had called his correspondent”! 🙂

n ram

>HAPPY HOLI 2011..!!

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The recent Wikileaks cable revealed Congress’ “Cash for Vote” scam,where congress had paid few politicians crores of rupees, in turn for their “confidence vote”,to be re-elected,for the second term in 2008.

This created furore in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha today,with opposition demanding the immediate resignation of present government.

Details can be found here:

My TWO Comics on the same… 



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Sadiq Batcha, a close aide of A.Raja committed suicide today. His suicide note was found by Tamil Nadu police,who later transfered the case to CBI.

Details here:



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ALL Comics in “PM Presser series” can be found here:


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Tweeple expressing their views on “politics” and “corruption” on Twitter are branded as “Trolls,Lynch Mobs,RSS campers” by Barkha Dutt;
“Internet Hindus”, “Saffron Chaddis” by Sagarika Ghose.
Recently, Ms Gul Panag joined the league by coining the term “Safforn Goggles”!

A tribute to ALL the “Internet Activists” on Twitter!! 😉

internet hindu!


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ALL Comics in “PM Presser series” can be found here:

Continuing with comics in “PM Presser” series..

Ms Anuradha Prasad trended at #7 on Twitter for her “cricket” question in PM’s Presser on “Politics & Corruption”!

How can I miss felicitating her on my comics blog? 🙂


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Mr Arnab Goswami,Editor of Times Now made PM sweat,drink water and read from his notes when he asked PM,question on Devos-ISRO deal.

Check the conversation between Arnab and PM here:

Few comics on the same 🙂